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Here's where you can find all of the tools we use to make sure your project runs smoothly, as well as links and tutorials for editing your website.

Page Editor

Click. Change. Done.

Changing your website is simple. Simply log in, click on any text and type your changes. Or click on an image to upload a replacement.

Creating new pages is just as easy. You can fill in everything you need on-screen, then preview how the page will look to your visitors. When you're ready, click the blue PUBLISH button to make your changes live. Take a look at our video tour below and we'll walk you through the whole process.

We've put together a detailed guide to using your editor: Read the Guide >

Edit your website

Logging in

Go to the address below or add ?edit to the end of any page address to log in. 

Once you're logged in, you'll see the Editor toolbar at the bottom of the page, or a small tab in the bottom right of the screen if the toolbar is hidden. You'll stay logged in so you won't have to keep putting in your password, but don't worry, your visitors will never see the toolbar or the tab.

Editing pages

Hovering over any editable item on a page will bring up an edit button. Simply click it or click where you want to edit in the text and make your changes. Formatting is handled by the site, so you won't ruin the look of your page, even if you copy and paste text in.

Select some text to put it in bold, italic or to make it a hyperlink.

Pressing Enter to start a new line will bring up an add button, which lets you insert pictures, videos, bullet lists and more. (Note, this isn't available in all text areas)

Read the full Editor Guide >

Creating new pages

Just click on Collections in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, choose the page type you want and fill in the fields.

You can create the following page types on your site:

Project Board

One place for everything

We use a tool called Asana to run our projects. From your project page  you'll see the status and timescales of all the pages and features in your project, as well as having access to all of the other resources you need.

We use a tool called Trello to run our projects. From your project board page you'll see the status of all the pages and features in your project, as well as having access to all of the other resources you need.

There are mobile apps available for Asana on iOS and Android, if you'd like to keep up to speed on your web project on the go.

There are mobile apps available for Trello on iOS and Android, if you'd like to keep up to speed on your web project on the go.

We can give access to as many people on your team as you need. Just let us know and we'll get them set up with a free account.

Go to your project board

Project documents

The left column is where the information about your project lives, such as the brief, contract, site map and links to the shared project folder.

Project status

Pages and features of your site are shown in a simple columns that show their progress. This lets you see when work is planned and what needs your input. You can click any card to get full details.

Taking part

We can add you and anyone else you approve to the project. This will let you make comments on tasks and get notifications when things change. Just let us know who you'd like added. It's free to set up an account if you don't already have one. Our Project Boards also work through email, so you can just reply to any notification email as normal.

Reporting bugs

We'll assess the severity of reported bugs and the estimated percentage of your visitors who'll be affected by it so we can prioritise getting it fixed. Mission critical bugs will be fixed within 24 hours, other bugs will be fixed within 5 working days.

Shared folder

A space to work together

Your project has a shared online folder where we store all of the content and images for your site.

This means you'll always have access to all of the graphics for the site and have an easy way to send us files. We also use online documents to pull together the content for your site's pages, so you can always view, edit and comment on them.

See your folder

Uploading files

We'll set up a file upload folder for anything you need to send us (photos, videos etc.). You can just go to the link and upload the files through your browser. Everything you upload will appear in your shared folder.

Gathering Content

Every page on your site with text content will have a document in the CONTENT folder. You can write or paste content into these documents and we'll use them as the basis of your site pages. You can also comment on content that's already there. You can also email us across a Word document if you prefer.

Your messaging is vital to the success of your site. We offer help with planning and writing your copy to make sure that it's pitch-perfect for your audience.