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I build intelligent integrations to get your website working with all of your business apps, so you get more done with less fuss.

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Smart Automation

Super powers for small teams

Your Marketing team can be making better use of its time. Onward Connect gets your online services talking to each other, avoiding duplication of effort and automatically sharing valuable data. 

With automated posting, reporting, recording and communicating, it liberates your marketers so they can get back to actually doing marketing.

Just hit publish to get maximum exposure

Write a blog, publish it on your site and have it automatically post itself across social media complete with a snappy description and image. Better than that, it'll post variations of the post several times over the next few months, maximising visibility and driving visitors to your site.

Not bad for one press of a button.

At-a-glance reporting. All automated.

Writing blogs? Great! Now take the pain out of finding out which ones are actually working. Onward Connect can sift through the analytics for you, creating a real-time report of which blogs are being read.

And it's not just blogs. I can build you real-time reports for landing pages, sign-ups or anything else you need to keep an eye on. It can even send a copy to your boss each week. So that's one less thing to remember.

Email communications without the stress

Personalise the journey for your visitors with a series of emails that get sent out automatically triggered by their actions on your website. Simply set and forget, confident that every visitor will get a personalised experience as you bring them onboard and move them down your sales funnel.

Turn your site into a powerful automated sales tool

Take the manual grind out of updating your customer records with a website that automatically reports sign-ups, downloads and form submissions straight to your CRM.

Not using a CRM yet? I can get you started on the HubSpot platform which gives you a powerful suite of sales and marketing tools to help you really get to know your customers.

Track and record sales with invoice integration

If you're taking orders on your website, we can connect your e-commerce system to your CRM and your financial tools so that sales are automatically recorded everywhere they need to be without taking up any of your time.

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