Product Update: Transferring your old web content

Spent years building up a sizzling collection of news or blogs on your old site? Now you can bring them with you.

Product Update: Transferring your old web content

If you've been writing for your website for years, the prospect of changing web platform can seem daunting: you either have to manually copy over every article yourself or bid it farewell as it disappears into digital oblivion.

But now we've got a better way. If you've had a site built on a Content Management System like Wordpress, then we can now automate the transfer process for you, bringing all of your news, blogs and other content over to your new site.

With cyber threats ever on the rise, more and more companies are seeing the need to move away from insecure open-source web platforms. But having a whole load of content on your site helps show your credibility, as well as giving you a boost in search results. So rather than putting off getting yourself a secure new website, we can now get everything you want from your old site transferred over for you in just a few minutes.

Our CMS Import service is available to all of our customers starting projects with us from June 2017, so if you've been putting off upgrading your site, now's a great time to get a quote and see how easy it could be to move to the modern web.

3. Write a daily list

I’ve found that working straight from my Trello list tends to end with me getting distracted by my other tasks. So every morning I look at my task list and write down (using pen and paper like some sort of caveman) the three vital tasks that I MUST do that day.

This has been far more effective than I expected.

By physically writing down your tasks, you start your brain engaging with them, and you’re left with a distraction-free list of work to do. Only once those vital things have been done do you go back to the master list. Or take a nap. Whatever takes your fancy.

4. Kill the distractions

We can’t multitask.

Really, we can’t. Our brains just won’t work that way. And the nearest we can get — rapidly switching between several tasks — leaves none of them getting done well. In fact, studies have shown that after switching tasks it can take our brains up to 20 minutes to settle in to proper work again.

And we can only concentrate for about 25 minutes. Seriously, our brains are rubbish at focussing on lots of things at once AND at focussing on one thing for a long time.

So, we work with what we’ve got, using this variant of the Pomodoro technique:

NOTE: The original Pomodoro technique says to do four 25 minute sessions then take a long break, but I’ve found it easier to concentrate when I take my long breaks between tasks. Your mileage may vary.

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