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A bright site for bright futures

Eye-catching intelligent design gives Girotondo Schools the power to attract and communciate with parents.

The launch of a new venture is always exciting, but there's also a seemingly never-ending list of tasks to do. To help ease the burden, we built Girotondo Schools an intelligent website to do some of the heavy lifting for their online marketing.

As well as being designed from the ground-up to be bright, colourful and approachable to make sure it really hit home with the target audience of new parents, we made sure that the site reacted smartly to whatever device it's viewed on, always keeping the most important information and controls within finger's reach.

We also designed the content management system specifically to do what Girotondo Schools needed. News stories, upcoming events and showcase projects all have their own specialised pages and automatically show themselves in various places across the site to increase visitor numbers without the staff having to do anything other than write the content and click Publish.

Of course, as a school, there is a second, even more vital audience: parents of children at the school. We built a protected area of the site just for parents and made it easy to say what content should get shown to which audience -- as simple as flicking a switch.

All of this, along with the standard Onward Studios features like rich social media sharing cards, integration with email campaign software and on-page text editing meant that Girotondo Schools were able to concentrate on what they're best at: helping children develop into confident critical thinkers.

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