Why you need a new approach to your next web project

The way we build websites needs to change. Here's how to fix it.

Why you need a new approach to your next web project

Traditional web development can’t keep up with the furious advance of technology. We need a new approach to make sure your next site doesn’t fall behind.

There has never in human history been an area of practically-applied science that has advanced so exponentially or been so transformative as electronics. Moore’s Law, the observation that chip performance doubles every two years, also drives web technologies and user experience as they rush to keep up with the improving hardware performance.

when your website is the lifeblood of your business, that can have huge consequences.

So it seems crazy that the standard model for companies building their websites is still to spend 3 months building what they guess will work then wait 2-3 years before starting the whole process over again. The amount of change in technology, performance and user behaviour in that time can render even expensive, well thought out sites obsolete in much less time than that. And when your website is the lifeblood of your business, that can have huge consequences.

You can break the guesswork stagnation cycle. A new way of approaching your website development with an ongoing subscription lets you launch faster, respond to real visitor behaviour, control your budget and stay ahead of the web tech curve.

Web projects that are easy to budget for

Rather than starting with a huge outlay for a development company then waiting 3-4 months before you get any usable results, a subscription model allows you to spread the cost over 12 months and includes all of your hosting and support costs. It also includes monthly development so that you can continue to improve your site throughout the entire period of your subscription. Manageable, predictable costs help you to invest in your website with more confidence and without the risk of a large upfront payment.

Get going fast

Traditional web development takes between 3 and 6 months before your site goes live to the public. In that time you’re getting zero benefit from it. A subscription model can get your new site live in as little as 6 weeks. How do we do that? At Onward Studios we build you a launch site with what it needs to effectively to achieve your business goals. Once that site is up and running, extra features can be added over time. Which brings us to…

Make your site exactly what your visitors need

Making decisions about what goes into a website in advance is largely guesswork. And if you have to live with those decisions for 3 years, guesswork isn’t really want you want to be relying on.

Your site goes from being a static monolith to an organic, constantly growing entity

With an ongoing subscription, real visitor behaviour can be analysed and used to help make decisions about the development of your site. Contact form not performing like you hoped? It can be redesigned and split tested to find a better way of doing it. Visitors reading your blog but not then exploring the rest of your site? We can try adding crosslinks and related content cards to your blogs. Any barrier to visitors doing what you want them to do on your site can be analysed, tested and improved. Every month. Your site goes from being a static monolith to an organic, constantly growing entity, ever changing to better serve the needs of your customers.

Adapt your site to your business needs

The same is true of how your site will serve your company. Business priorities change and being stuck with the same website for 3 years limited your options. With development time included every month, you can continuously tweak your site to serve the needs of your business. Need a way for your team to quickly create landing pages for a PPC campaign? Or maybe you need to open up to a new customer demographic and need redesigned pages. Or to link up with a new social media channel. Or restructure your services. Or add the ability to sell products through your site.

It can all be done as an when you need it, and with monthly calls to go over site performance and discuss possible developments, there’s a constant drive for improvement that makes sure you get the very best out of your website, today and always.

If you’d like to discuss our subscription plans, please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options and how we can help maximise your web effectiveness.